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Zia Maps Ordering Information

We presently don't have our web site set up to handle orders directly. Place your order in one of 3 ways; email,call or fax us your order. VISA/MASTERCARD, money orders and checks accepted. For those using snail-mail write us at;

Please fill out print out the attached ORDER FORM and FAX it to Zia.

Zia Maps
695 Left Fork Road
Boulder, CO 80302

Voice-Fax phone: 303-444-9391


1. Zia Landform Images CD-rom Volume 1 - $50


1. VIEW TO THE WEST- A horizon view of the Rocky Mountains. Using digital data and photographs, we created primary ridge lines that define the Foothills to the Continental Divide naming all the primary peaks and passes, many with elevations in feet and meters. Hues of blue progress from dark to light. 7"H x 36"W. $15

2. ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK - A dramatic view of the Park looking from the NE to SW as seen from 50,000 feet above Fort Collins, Colorado. Computer mesh defines the surface while elevations are shown in 1,000 foot color gradations using green hues representing elevations below treeline and gray hues above. 22"H x 37.5W. $20

3. COLORADO FRONT RANGE - This image views the intersection of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains. We look north from the Colorado/New Mexico state line to mid Wyoming as seen from 90,000 feet above Maxwell, New Mexico. Computer mesh defines the surface while primary highways and vital roads are shown linking the major incorporated population centers of the Front Range and the mountains. County lines show an interesting dissection of the landscape into geo-political boundaries. All primary drainages and several major reservoirs are shown. 31"H x 15"W. $16

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